• Environmentally friendly

    No pesticides or hazardous chemicals required; works by effectively preventing rats from gaining access to your premises via the sewer system; a humane method involving no mess, unpleasant odours or dead rats to dispose of.

  • Durable and adaptable

    Suitable for most sewage systems, fitting all plastic, clay and concrete sewage pipes between 100mm to 200mm; made from acid-proof stainless steel, easily meeting industry standards.

  • Efficient

    Significant flow-through area: variable blocking settings from completely closed to 50% blocked; negligible loss of pressure to waste flow; tested by the Danish Technological Institute using rats under realistically replicated conditions, and approved for use in sewage pipes.

  • Easy to install

    Simple and quick installation through manhole with purpose-made installation handle — no need for any disruption or disturbance to existing sewage systems.

  • Economical and cost-effective

    No on-going usage costs and minimum maintenance; can be installed in existing weld systems, as well as to newly manufactured sewage pipes before laying; will go on keeping your premises rat free for many years to come; appliance and parts covered by 2-year warranty.

List of Rat Blocker installers and installation instructions