Installation of the Rat Blocker could not be simpler: A purpose made, extendable handle enables the Rat Blocker to be lowered in through the manhole, where it can be easily manoeuvred into place. Once a feeling of resistance against the sides of the pipe is encountered, the installation handle can be turned clockwise to tighten and lock the Rat Blocker securely in place. The handle is then easily detached and installation is complete. Download the installation guide here.

  1. Inspect your drain situation and determine the direction of waste flow.
  2. Secure the Rat Blocker gate in the corresponding direction.
  3. Lower the Rat Blocker into the drain using the desired length mounting pole.
  4. Turn the mounting pole clockwise until the Rat Blocker is securely fastened. Then remove the mounting pole.

Rat Blocker installation guide

Rat Blocker cover plate installation guide

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