Q.Why should I choose the Rat Blocker instead of some other kind of pest control or treatment?
A.The Rat Blocker is the effective solution to deal with the nasty and potentially dangerous and disease-carrying rats before they enter your home or workplace — we say "Prevention is the Cure" for a reason!

Stopping these vermin from joining you in your home, office, or other property can not only help you, your family, friends, coworkers, and employees stay safe and healthy, but can also free you from the hazards of traps, poisons, and worry and burden of constant vigilance. The Rat Blocker can also save you the money you'd spend on those recurring pest-control purchases that are designed to work only after the pests have gotten inside.

Additionally, since there are no chemicals involved, you'll be keeping your water system and environment safe and clean, too!
Q.Rats are smart — can't they use their crafty little paws to open the flap?
A.Rats are indeed smart; but our engineers are much smarter! They designed the The Rat Blocker with a rat-proof double-steel locking flap that thwarts any attempt to lift the flap from the outside. Any tug on the flap, and it locks into place, preventing rats (or any other critters) from entering. You can see this demonstrated in this video at the 48 second mark.
Q.How long will my Rat Blocker last?
A.The Rat Blocker is made of marine-grade stainless steel to withstand the harshest of elements and was rigorously tested by the Danish Technological Institute under realistic and tough conditions. Your Rat Blocker was designed to be durable and should last you years and years!
Q.How easy is the Rat Blocker to install?
A.The Rat Blocker by Vermend is very easy to install; the most difficult part of the installation is opening the manhole cover! To see how simple it is, feel free to download our installation manual for the step-by-step guide.
Q.The drainage pipes for my house are quite deep. Is there a way to install my Rat Blocker without climbing down into the hole?
A.So you can stay clean and safe on the surface during installation, we have a 1m mounting pole which you can purchase with the Rat Blocker. We even have extensions available for those whose pipes are even deeper.
Q.I'm wary of opening a manhole cover and dealing with drains. Is there someone available to help me?
A.Yes — we have a growing number of pest control and drainage experts who will be glad to help you quickly and easily install your Rat Blocker. To find one of our experts near you, see our approved installers list or have your preferred drain expert or pest control professional contact us for assistance. We'll be glad to help!
Q.Do I need a permit? Am I allowed to install my Rat Blocker in the sewer system?
A.If you wish to install a Rat Blocker on your property, you are usually free to do so — you have a right to protect yourself from rat intrusions! If you need to install it via public property or if you have questions about regulations in your area, you should contact your local sewer/water authorities.
Q.How quickly can we get our Rat Blocker?
A.We'll send your Rat Blocker out within 1 business day after we have confirmed payment; we can often send it out that same day.
Q.Can I buy the Rat Blocker on this website?
A.We'd like to personally ensure that you receive the right Rat Blocker for your needs, so we like to take the time to communicate with each person individually. Please contact us directly so we can both be confident that you are getting the correct Rat Blocker to prevent or eliminate your pest problem.