The Rat Blocker by Vermend is a new weapon in the arsenal available to pest control experts and technicians as well as the small business and home owner. Vermend LLP is working with all sections of the industry ranging from pest control technicians, engineers, managers to wholesale and retail outlets to promote the environmentally friendly, durable and adaptable, efficient and easy to install, economic and cost effective Rat Blocker by Vermend.

Vermend LLP introduced the Rat Blocker to the UK market at the BPCA's PestEx show in London in April 2009. The extremely positive response received at that show encouraged us to exhibit it again at the NPTA's PestTech exhibition in November 2009. The response at PestTech was just as favourable as that received at PestEx with direct enquiries for the Rat Blocker received from Local Authorities, pest controllers and drainage contractors.

If you have any questions about Vermend LLP or the Rat Blocker, call us on 020 8357 2160 or get in touch with us through our Contact page.

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