The RAT BLOCKER by Vermend

The RAT BLOCKER stops the rat problem before it starts by keeping rats from getting in!

The Rat Blocker by Vermend does what traditional rat-control interventions do not: it stops the rats before they enter your workplace or home and prevents them from ever becoming a problem.

Rat traps and pesticides are designed only to work after the rats have arrived — after they've dragged filth, germs and disease into your world. In contrast, the Rat Blocker prohibits rats from ever encroaching on your work or home life by denying rats in their major thoroughfare: your water pipes and sewer system.

With the RAT BLOCKER, never check a rat trap or handle poisonous pesticides ever again!

Since the Rat Blocker prevents rats from infiltrating your home or office building, you can eliminate dangerous rat traps and hazardous chemicals from your counters, corners, hallways, and store-rooms. The Rat Blocker frees you from the constant and time-consuming vigilance and clean-up that complicated rat traps and messy pesticide pellets require.

Once installed, your Rat Blocker is virtually maintenance-free; it works on its own to stop rats from entering your home or commercial building — whether it be a restaurant, hospital, or apartment or office complex — so you are free to devote yourself to what is truly important to you, your business, and your family.

You'll feel safe and confident with the RAT BLOCKER in place

Because the Rat Blocker eliminates those touchy traps and perilous poisons in your house or workplace, you can have peace of mind knowing that your health and hygiene is protected by a safe, 100% environmentally-friendly device.

How the RAT BLOCKER Works

The Rat Blocker by Vermend works by blocking off sewage pipe access to rats from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside.

The Rat Blocker fits snugly into your water or sewer pipe and locks securely into place. Its double-steel flap opens when fluids need to flow freely into the sewer, but until then, the flap remains closed and prohibits anything from entering. Furthermore, any attempt to pull open the flap from the barrier side immediately activates its locking device, rendering the pipe impassible to rats (or anything else)! Quite simply — fluid flows out, but rats can't get in.

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